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This website for the Paragonian Foundation is more a proposal than an actuality, in gestation since 1985, when the original idea for such a living organism was conceived in consciousness. For I realized that we would only heal what Erich Fromm called our sick society and thereby reach what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the Omega Point—evolution’s glorious culmination—through the magic of ever-more powerful and harmonious synergistic relationships. For the unprecedented global crisis facing humanity today is a collective one and can thus only be resolved by an unprecedented collective solution.

However, this has not yet happened in the way that I visualized, not the least because my own healing process has taken much longer than I anticipated. Although I have been able to see the Big Picture since the early 1980s, it has taken nearly half my life for this picture to evolve into crystal clarity and then to abandon any egoic attachment to this exquisitely blissful visualization.

Both these processes are continuing today, as I aspire to complete my life’s work and go out to the world with what I have learned after some sixty years seeking to end the long-running war between science and religion so that we could one day learn to live in love, peace, and harmony with each other and our environment.

To this end, I shall be giving a poster presentation at the Science and Nonduality conference in San Rafael on 21st October, as mentioned on my Events page. I have prepared a one-sheet flyer for the conference, which provides a complete overview of this site.

To collectivly realize the objects of the Foundation, I have also prepared a 24-page proposal for Project Heraclitus and a 40-page introduction on ‘The Singularity in Time’ showing with some simple mathematics that the singularity in time that evolution is currently passing through is mystical, not technological, as some computer scientists believe, putting the much anticipated prophecies of 2012 into their cosmic evolutionary context.

This website also contains several HTML pages and PDF articles and essays answering some of the big questions about God, the Universe, and what it truly means to be a human being that have puzzled humanity for thousands of years. These short pieces are abstractions from Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, the chapters of which I am uploading to the Web as they reach a staging post in their evolution. As these writings were written at different times, they don’t yet form a coherent whole. Bringing all these writings to the same level of consistency and maturity is a task that remains.

Of course, the answers to the fundamental questions of human existence can only be found through self-inquiry, free as much as possible of our collective, cultural, and personal mechanistic conditioning. So whether Life intends us to collectively turn the predominantly divergent trends in evolution into convergent ones, enabling us to heal our fragmented minds and thereby work harmoniously together with a common vision, we shall just have to wait and see what unfolds.


The Singularity in Time
Who are we? Humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things.
In a time when the survival of
the human race is in question, continuing with the status quo is to cooperate
with insanity, to contribute to chaos.
Spirituality and Social Action
Vimala Thakar
If we do not question all our fixed beliefs and assumptions, then humanity is not a viable species.
David Bohm