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During the past three decades, while my primary writing focus has been on a scholarly work that could explain why scientists and technologists are driving the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented exponential rates of acceleration, I have also written many articles, essays, and papers. In the early years, these were primarily working documents to help me clarify my ideas.

The document ‘My Writing Career’ lists all my writings from 1978, when I was working in a sales office for IBM, to June 2012, with a biographical description on some of the major influences on my thoughts as the years unfolded. These documents illustrate a natural evolutionary development, with many diversionary paths, some of which needed to be abandoned to return to the Ultimate Goal of evolution: Wholeness.

However, now that the Big Picture is reasonably clear and complete, it is quite possible to express Wholeness in just a few words, diagrams, sentences, paragraphs, and pages. For underlying the complexity of the Universe are a few structures of the utmost simplicity, the foremost being The Principle of Unity, expressible in just seven words—Wholeness is the union of all opposites—or six mathematical symbols: W = A  ~A.

Here is a selection of recent articles, in reverse chronological order: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. A few articles from 2002, 2005, and 2006 can be downloaded from the archive, which really needs to be reorganized.


To prepare for the publication of the Wholeness trilogy in 2013, I have written a visionary essay titled ‘The Awakening of Intelligence’, showing that the only way to resolve the great spiritual, psychological, ecological, and economic crisis facing humanity today is through the awakening of intelligence. For the potential for human intellgence is far greater than that of artificial intelligence, despite the beliefs of some leading technologists and scientists.

Name Pages Date Size
The Awakening of Intelligence 8 Jan 2013 159K


To set out my stall for 2012, I wrote a one-sheet flyer titled ‘Designing a Brand-New Universe’. To this end, I then wrote a scholarly treatise as a summary of my life’s work titled ‘The Principle of Unity: Living Intelligently and Peacefully at the End of Time’, answering the Big Questions of human existence, such as “Who are we?” “Where have we come from?” and “Where are we going?”

This treatise is intended as an introduction to my book Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites. It was written to support my application for funds to publish this book in 2013 within the John Templeton Foundation’s funding competion ‘Breaking New Ground in Science and Religion’. The publishing project is called ‘Project Heraclitus: Intelligently transforming either-or thinking into a both-and way of life, in harmony with the fundamental law of the Universe’.

This proposal was rejected, leading me to write a few reflections on my life’s journey and the challenges of helping humanity to adapt intelligently to the exponential rate of accelerating change being blindly driven by scientists and technologists today.

I spent the rest of the year revising several chapters in the Wholeness trilogy, a task that is continuing into 2013.

Name Pages Date Size
Reflections 2 Jun 2012 98K
The Principle of Unity: Living Intelligently and Peacefully at the End of Time 204 May 2012 28M
Project Heraclitus for John Templeton Foundation 16 Apr 2012 226K
Designing a Brand-New Universe 2 Mar 2012 118K


The documents in bold have been prepared for the Science and Nonduality conference in San Rafael in California in October, including a one-sheet introductory flyer and the handout from the poster presentation.

The most recent essay, inspired by Indra’s net in Huayan Buddhism, answers the question Who are we? by exploring the relationship between the Divine and humanity through a study of the meanings and etymologies of Identity and Individual, words that have become distorted over the years through our fragmented minds.

The extended essay ‘The Singularity in Time’ shows with some simple mathematics that the singularity in time that evolution is currently passing through is mystical, not technological, as some computer scientists believe, putting the much anticipated prophecies of 2012 into their cosmic evolutionary context. It includes a summary of prognostications made by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Mayan calendar, a systems theory extension of this model, Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero, and my own understanding using the integral theory of evolution that arises from Integral Relational Logic.

The latest proposal for Project Heraclitus contains a review of how we could transform the seven pillars of unwisdom, on which Western civilization is based, into the seven pillars of wisdom, the foundation for the Age of Light.

The essay ‘The Meaning of Life’ is the beginning of new introduction to IRL and the URL, to be extended, when the last couple chapters of Wholeness are complete.

Being and Truth’ is an etymological study of the Proto-Indo-European base *es- ‘to be’ and its many derivatives, from which we can learn much about the essential truth of what it means to be a human being living in union with the Divine Cosmos. It was revised in September.

I wrote ‘Maps and Territories’ when wondering how I would introduce the commonsensical, but revolutionary experiment in learning that I have been conducting since May 1980, when I resigned from my marketing job with IBM in London, to someone I had not previously met. ‘Integral Relational Logic in a Nutshell’ is a further explanation of a piece in the archive.

The February essays were written to take a break from writing the final three chapters of Wholeness, which was then well over 600 A4 pages. I felt the need to express the delightful sense of Wholeness that I enjoy today in a series of one-sheet essays.

Name Pages Date Size
Completing the Convergence of Science and Ancient Wisdom 2 Oct 2011 75K
The Two Dimensions of Time, handout 8 Sep 2011 6.5M
Who Are We? 2 Sep 2011 373K
Being and Truth: An Etymological Study, revised 6 Sep 2011 166K
The Singularity in Time: The Omega Point of Evolutionary Convergence 40 Sep 2011 3.5M
Project Heraclitus: Synergistically Accelerating the Convergence of Science and Ancient Wisdom 24 Aug 2011 1.1M
The Meaning of Life 8 Apr 2011 251K
Being and Truth: An Etymological Study 6 Apr 2011 166K
Maps and Territories: Understanding Humanity’s Place in the Overall Scheme of Things, Where We Have Come from, and Our Ultimate Destiny as a Species 2 Mar 2011 663K
Integral Relational Logic in a Nutshell 1 Mar 2011 64K
Seven Essays on Wholeness (next 8 as one file) 16 Feb 2011 1.4M
Seven Expressions of Wholeness (introduction to next 7) 2 Feb 2011 562K
Human vis-à-vis Artificial Intelligence 2 Feb 2011 301K
Healing the Fragmented Mind in Wholeness 2 Feb 2011 195K
Our Evolutionary Story in a Nutshell 2 Feb 2011 122K
Society and the Individual 2 Feb 2011 95K
Returning Home to Paradise 2 Feb 2011 239K
Revealing the Hidden Harmony: The Innermost Secret of the Universe 2 Feb 2011 118K
The Challenge of Publishing Wholeness 2 Feb 2011 108K


The most recent essay in this year was a one-page introduction to Project Heraclitus, prepared for a select symposium on ‘Consciousness and Nonduality’ at Cawdor Castle in Scotland, organized by the Scientific and Medical Network. It was reorganized and extended as ‘Revealing the Hidden Harmony: The Innermost Secret of the Universe’ in February 2011. I was invited to this symposium having completed Part I of Wholeness on ‘Integral Relational Logic’, the commonsensical science of thought and consciousness we all use everyday to form concepts and organize our ideas.

Two Dimensions of Time’ is an extension of a November 2009 essay, written because the exponential rate of change, infinite time or eternity, and the vertical dimension of time are so poorly understood. We tend to look at time in terms of our lifespans, solely in the horizontal dimension of past and future, not realizing that only the Eternal Now is Reality.

The extended essay ‘Mapping the Universe’ was written to clarify some of the technical issues of Integral Relational Logic and the Unified Relationships Theory. Much of this material has now been integrated into various chapters of Wholeness, although that related to the final three chapters still needs much work on.

Name Pages Date Size
Revealing the Hidden Harmony 1 Nov 2010 62K
Two Dimensions of Time 4 Jun 2010 179K
Mapping the Universe 52 Apr 2010 3.8M


The pieces written in November 2009 are all related to a one-day conference in London on 21st November, organized by the Scientific and Medical Network titled ‘Infinite Potential: The Legacy of David Bohm’. In preparation for the conference, I wrote ‘In Gratitude to David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti’, describing the great debt that I owe to these gentlemen for their assistance in healing my fragmented mind in Wholeness.

The one-sheet essays were then written to highlight some of the key issues that I felt were relevant to a conference honouring David Bohm’s legacy. I was inspired to write the one-page essay ‘Unifying Science and Mysticism’ after the conference to show how simple reasoning can unify the incompatible contextual contexts of God and Universe, thereby ending the long-running war between science and religion, the solution to a problem I set out to solve as an eight-year-old in 1950. For unless we can heal this deep wound in the cultural psyche, we can never live in love, peace, and harmony with each other and our environment or have a coherent context within which to guide our learning, determining whether what we are taught in our various institutions is true or false.

I then wrote ‘Reflections on the Legacy of David Bohm’ as a report on the conference. It was most disappointing, for while Wholeness was mentioned once or twice, the central issue of the first chapter of Wholeness and the Implicate Order—on how to heal the fragmented, split mind in Wholeness—was not mentioned at all. It is vitally important to remember here that the physicists cannot establish the scientific truth that Consciousness is Ultimate Reality, not even the quantum physicists, as some believe today.

If any specialist subject can show that Consciousness is all there is, it must be psychology, if we discount Eastern mysticism, for the moment. However, it is only generalists, such as information systems architects, who can provide irrefutable proof. For as Krishnamurti said in Education and the Significance of Life, “Can any specialist experience life as a whole? Only when he ceases to be a specialist.”

Before this conference, I spent much of the summer and early autumn writing an extended essay on ‘Healing the Fragmented, Split Mind in Wholeness’. I felt the need at the time to write a coherent piece on all the central issues, as I then understood them. In the event, it grew longer and longer as I added more and more detail, which led me back to the work of scholarship that is the way that I prefer to organize the fully integrated vision presented on this website

Name Pages Date Size
Reflections on the Legacy of David Bohm 8 Nov 2009 144K
Unifying Science and Mysticism 1 Nov 2009 52K
Opening up the Soul 2 Nov 2009 586K
Evolution, Involution, and Revolution 2 Nov 2009 75K
The Two Dimensions of Time 2 Nov 2009 101K
The Central Issue of Our Times 2 Nov 2009 83K
In Gratitude to David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti 6 Nov 2009 129K
Healing the Fragmented, Split Mind in Wholeness 100 Oct 2009 9.0M