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Since writing the The Paragonian Manifesto in 2004, I have written several articles reflecting the way that evolution is continuously becoming ever more conscious of itself, both within society at large and within me.

During 2007 and 2008, much of the content of these articles was incorporated into my magnum opus, a scholarly book called Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites. The purpose of this book is to complete the revolution in science that has been taking place during the past few decades, just as Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy completed the Copernican revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A guide and synopsis for book is available as an introduction

There is now a need to update some of these articles to reflect my own deepening understanding of what is happening in the world today, along the lines contained in the Foundation’s Strategy for Change, called ‘Awakening to Total Revolution’. Nevertheless, they should give you some idea of where I am coming from.

In addition to these writings, I also plan to develop a TV series on ‘Our Evolutionary Story’. For evolution is currently passing through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen-billion-year history, and unless the general public is aware of this fundamental fact of human existence, we have very little chance of consciously adapting to the unprecedented rate of change we are experiencing today.

Apart from the above links, two articles containing detailed scholarly references, provide the best introduction to the unified relationships theory and why we urgently need to awaken to timeless evolution. Please read these before the other articles, mostly written in 2005 and earlier.

This article introduces the unified relationships theory (URT), a coherent body of knowledge that corresponds to all our experiences, from the mundane to the mystical. Working mainly in solitude, the URT has been emerging in my consciousness since 1980, the flowering of seeds that were sown by Life thirty years earlier. The principal purpose of the URT is to scientifically establish Consciousness as the all-embracing spiritual context that we all share, unifying the concepts of God and the Universe, the incompatible contextual concepts for religion and science, respectively. By healing the deep schism between the rational and intuitive aspects of our fragmented minds, we can experience Love as our divine Essence, enabling us all to live in love, peace, and harmony with each other and our environment. Available in PDF format from December 2006.

This research paper of about 25,000 words and several diagrams is a major extension of The Paragonian Manifesto. It provides a simple mathematical explanation why evolution is now accelerating at unprecedented speeds and why we need to make unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives if we are to adapt to this accelerating pace of change. It then goes on to show how we can use the integral business modelling techniques of information systems architects in business to heal our fragmented and deluded minds, necessary if we are to transcend the limits of technology and discover what it truly means to be a divine, cosmic human being. Available in PDF format from January 2006.

As evolution transforms the viciously competitive and ecologically damaging global economy into the life-enhancing, ecologically sustainable, and cooperative Sharing Economy, we need to provide a sense of continuity during this transition period. This article outlines the foundation and framework that is common to both environments and so can provide us all with a much-needed sense of security during these turbulent times. Available in HTML and PDF formats from September 2005.
We are taught at school and university to become specialists in various subjects, leading the mind to become fragmented and inhibiting us from seeing the Whole, how all the various displines and cultures relate to each other as a coherent whole. This article shows how we can generalize the integral modelling methods of information systems designers in business to build the abstract framework for panosophy, the Theory of Everything, and thereby to heal the divided mind. Available in HTML and PDF formats from July 2005.
During the mental-egoic period of human evolution during the past 4,500 years, the mind has taken us further and further away from Reality, leading to many holy wars, wars about the Whole. This article shows how we can use the Principle of Duality, the fundamental principle of the Universe, to heal the split not only between the traditional religions, but also between science and mysticism, leading to the realization that none of us is separate from the ineffable Divine for a single instant in our lives. Available in HTML and PDF formats from April 2005.
We live in a sick society, the root cause of which is our separation from God, Nature, and each other. So the cure is to become conscious that we are in union with the Divine at every instant of our lives. This article provides a broad overview of how evolution is helping us all in this healing process, including some personal experiences of the author. Available in HTML and PDF formats from February 2005.
This one-page article outlines the cultural transformation taking place today, showing how evolution is paradoxically carrying us through time to the end of time, when we can recognize that, in Reality, there is no future, and therefore no death. Available in HTML and PDF formats from April 2005.
The title of this article reflects the either-or tendency of the Western mind, inhibiting us from realizing a both-and view of all opposites. This article describes the key distinctions between dualism, duality, and nonduality, showing how we can overcome this polarizing nature of the egoic mind, and so lay down the foundations for the Sharing Economy. Entry for Resurgence and Epiphany of Philosophers Essay Competition 2002. Available in PDF format.
I wrote this article to see if I could express the 800-page book on the Theory of Everything that I have been researching and writing since 1980 in just five pages. I then reduced this to five sentences, which can be encapsulated in these five words: All opposites unify in Wholeness. Available in PDF format from October 2002.
A description of the Universe in just five sentences, the first and last of which correspond to the books of Genesis and Revelations in the Bible. Available in HTML format.