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The Future is Now
Submitted to Omnipedia, the journal of the International Futures Forum.

In Reality, there is no future; only the eternal Now is real, a principle that many are realizing through such best-selling books as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. For me, this realization is key to being still and alive in these times of accelerating evolutionary change.

Recognizing there is no future is vital, for we are entering an unprecedented period in human evolution, discovering that the beliefs and assumptions that have guided our ancestors for millennia are no longer appropriate. If we are to return Home to Wholeness at the end of time, we need to start afresh at the very beginning.

I began this realization in 1980 when marketing management information systems for IBM in London. During my previous sixteen years in the information technology industry, I had thought that I was making a positive contribution to society by helping to free people from the drudgery of their jobs, enabling them to be more creative. But this wasn’t happening. We were becoming slaves to technology, not masters of our computers, cogs in great bureaucratic machines.

Furthermore, we were managing our business affairs having little understanding of the evolutionary forces that lead us to behave as we do, ignorant of what is causing the pace of change to accelerate exponentially. This is a very dangerous situation. For any species that does not adapt to its changing environment cannot survive for long.

My own eyes were opened twenty-five years ago in a life-changing eureka! moment. As the exponential rate of change is being synergistically caused by the knowledge and intellect of scientists and technologists, like myself, aided and abetted by the corresponding constructs in computers, there must be nonphysical types of energy at work in the Universe as well as the physical types I learned about at school.

Since then, my entire life has been guided by the fundamental principle of the Universe: Wholeness is the Union of All Opposites. This has led me to develop a coherent body of knowledge that describes all forces in Nature—both physical and nonphysical—within a single, all-encompassing framework. This is the ultimate Theory of Everything, called panosophy, from the Greek pansophos, ‘all-wise’.

The conceptual framework for panosophy is a holistic science of reason, called relational logic, which has evolved from the enterprise modelling methods used by information systems architects in business. By generalizing abstract thought processes familiar to me from my business career, this experiment in learning has turned my whole world upside down. Like the mystics, I now know in the depth of my being that Consciousness is Reality, not the physical universe.

This experience tells me that dualistic Western civilization is a fantasy world, further removed from God, Nature, and the Truth than any civilization in history. A broad spectrum of society is realizing this today, showing that, following the age of the Great Mother and the patriarchal epoch of the past 4,500 years, the third and final stage of human evolution is emerging, which I call the Paragonian Society.

Paragonian was coined to give us a collective focus during these momentous, transitional times. It derives from the Greek para, ‘beyond’, and agon, ‘contest’ or ‘conflict’, a word that is also the root of agony and antagonistic. So paragonian means ‘beyond conflict and suffering’, indicating a healthy, awakened, and liberated way of being, realized by living consciously in union with the Divine.

Crossover of civilizationsThis diagram shows a schematic of the death and rebirth of the global village, extending a figure given by Fritjof Capra in The Turning Point. The critical crossover point will be reached at the beginning of the next decade, when it will be painfully obvious that technological development cannot drive economic growth any longer.

It is thus life-threatening to live conservatively as if the programmable computer—an extension of the mind—had never been invented. As the popular movie The Matrix dramatically illustrated, if we are to become free of our mechanistic conditioning, we need to be born again. To realize our fullest potential as superintelligent beings, recognizing that artificial intelligence is an impossible dream, it is essential to turn our attention inwards, answering the time-honoured question,“Who am I?”. If today’s children are to grow old enough to have children of their own, self-inquiry must become our top priority.

To this end, I am setting up the Paragonian Foundation with the motto ‘Healing our sick society’. Spiritually, the aim is to create a global network of those living consciously from our immanent Essence, which is Love, transcending religious conflict and exclusiveness. Educationally, the purpose is to heal the fragmentation of academia by establishing transcultural panosophy as the all-inclusive, contextual science in which all disciplines can be expressed. And economically, the object is to create the infrastructure for the ecologically sustainable Sharing Economy, recognizing that we are all one Whole.

If you feel moved to participate synergistically in this great adventure, do please visit our web site: By working harmoniously together with a common vision, Life can carry us to evolution’s glorious culmination, knowing that time is an illusion.