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Integral Relational Logic
In a nutshell

The origin of the Universe is the Ineffable Nondual Datum, that which is given, which is without form, and void.

It is from this Emptiness that Life creates all structures, forms, and relationships in the manifest universe, called data patterns prior to interpretation by a gnostic being.

Through the action of the Logos, called Dharma, Tao, or Rita in the East, and by carefully observing the similarities and differences in these data patterns, they can be interpreted and organized by self-reflective Intelligence showing that the Universe, viewed as Consciousness, has a deep underlying structure described as an infinitely dimensional network of hierarchical relationships.

All the concepts that are formed by this process of interpretation are in pairs of opposites, for whenever any concept is formed, its opposite is always also formed, a notion encapsulated in the Principle of Duality: A complete conceptual model of the Universe consists entirely of dual sets.

The Principle of Duality can unify the Nondual, Formless Absolute and the relativistic world of dual forms, revealing the fundamental design principle of the Universe: Wholeness is the union of all opposites, called the Principle of Unity, leading to Fullness, and thereby back to the Datum of the Universe at the end of time, when Alpha and Omega are one.