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This book describes the wonderful way that Life has healed my shattered, fragmented, and split mind in Wholeness. It provides the scientific evidence for the integral theory of evolution described in Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites. For evolution is not just a biological process. Human learning is also an example of evolution at work. So by modelling our own learning processes, evolution can become fully conscious of itself, enabling us to intelligently manage our business affairs with full consciousness of what we are doing.

This book is a description of my ontogeny, which needed to break free of the phylogeny of Western civilization in order to reach the Omega point of evolution. It shows how I have returned to the Paradise I enjoyed in my mother’s womb before I was prematurely ejected from Paradise shortly after conception. What has happened to me as an individual is thus a recapitulation of what is happening to the entire human race, from Alpha to Omega.

As the myths of gods and goddesses in all cultures indicate, human development began in Paradise some 25,000 years ago when we were given the great gift of self-reflective Intelligence. Our ancestors were like innocent babies in adult bodies before the egoic mind began to take control of our behaviour.

Since writing this autobiography, I have read Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which provides an uncanny model for my own life experiences. Part I of Hero is called ‘The Adventure of the Hero’, in three chapters called ‘Departure’, ‘Initiation’, and ‘Return’, divided into seventeen stages. Departure and return are not in relationship to the Divine, as described on the vision page, but in relationship to the world. For we cannot be fully spiritual beings living in isolation from our fellow human beings; we need to be fully integrated in society, bringing back whatever spiritual wisdom we have received on our journeys away from the world of everyday affairs.

In October 2011, I incorporated this addendum into a new pychospiritual autobiography called ‘Returning Home to Wholeness: A Brief History of Me’.

Chapter Page Date Size
Front cover   20 Jul 2008 84K
Table of contents i-ii 20 Jul 2008 102K
Prologue iii-xxiii 20 Jul 2008 561K
Autumn 1-18 20 Jul 2008 202K
Winter 19-48 20 Jul 2008 755K
Spring 49-114 20 Jul 2008 680K
Summer 114-128 20 Jul 2008 376K
Epilogue 129-132 20 Jul 2008 84K
Back cover   20 Jul 2008 56K
Addendum   31 Aug 2008 260K