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From a business perspective, the most critical issue facing humanity today is that we are managing our business affairs with little understanding of what is causing the pace of technological development to accelerate exponentially. This is rather like driving along the highway faster and faster with our eyes closed, a highly dangerous activity.

Many countries, such as the UK, have health and safety laws to direct employers and employees to adopt ways of working that ensure that the workplace is safe and without risks to health. Furthermore, employers are required by law to assess the risks to people’s health and safety at work.

Yet, as far as we know, no company in the world today is willing to assess the risks of running our business affairs blindfold. This includes companies like IBM, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, who are some of the principal organizations ignorantly driving the pace of change in society at unprecedented, mind-blowing rates.

For these risks cannot be assessed by the fragmented mind by members of Homo sapiens within the framework of Western civilization and the global economy. We can only fully take responsibility for our business affairs by returning Home to Wholeness as exemplars of Homo divinus universalis living in the Paragonian Society. Such a mystical approach goes far beyond that of the World Business Academy, which is similarly seeking to take responsibility for the whole, inspired by its cofounder, Willis Harman.

A central issue here is what Pope Benedict XVI called ‘insatiable consumption’ in a speech on 17th July 2008 in Sydney to tens of thousands of young Roman Catholics attending World Youth Day. The Pope is not alone in identifying rampant consumerism as a virulent disease afflicting many millions of people today. Shopping has become a hobby for many, like fishing or handicraft.

To see the root cause of this affliction, we can first note that human beings still provide most of the labour in the workplace, as well as being consumers, even though computers can today do many jobs previously done by human beings. This is clear circumstantial evidence that human beings are not machines and nothing but machines, which leads us to see that we live in union with the Divine at every instant of our lives, exposing the false beliefs being promoted by the monotheistic religions, materialistic and mechanistic science and medicine, and the materialistic economic ideologies of capitalism and communism.

By answering the question, “Could computers program themselves without human intervention”, Chapter 7 ‘Limits of Technology’ in Wholeness explains with the utmost clarity and simplicity why computers will never exceed human intelligence. Human beings, not computers, are the leading edge of evolution. So technological development cannot continue to drive economic growth for very much longer. The only viable way forward for humanity is thus to focus more attention on the Awakening of Intelligence than on building machines with artificial intelligence.

Nevertheless, many people today still act as if they are machines, human automata functioning in the horizontal dimension of time with a past and future, instead of living in the Eternal Now as members of Homo divinus. The highly popular movie The Matrix demonstrates our mechanistic behaviour all too clearly. If we are to rise above our mechanistic minds we need to follow the time-honoured maxim in the Oracle’s kitchen, Temet Nosce (Know Yourself). Nothing less will do if we are to be masters of our computers, rather than being slaves to technology, as mostly at present.

But how can we heal our split minds and so cure the cancerous sickness of consumerism? Politicians promote consumer confidence in order to ensure full employment, regardless of the severe psychological and ecological damage that is being caused by this insane policy. So to cure this sickness, we need to organize our business affairs so that people have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential as spiritual, cosmic beings.

For instance, since Paul resigned from his marketing job with IBM (UK) in 1980 to investigate the root causes of the exponential rate of techological development, he has worked in paid employment for less than twelve years. Life has fortuitously arranged his finances so that his shattered, fragmented, and split mind could be healed in Wholeness, a truly wonderful gift.

It is important to recognize here that ineffable, nondual Wholeness is one of many designations for the Divine. In physical terms, the astronauts who returned from the Moon in the early 1970s provide us with a familiar metaphor. They were able to see the Earth as a unity, where all the divisions that we create between the nations, religions, businesses, races, sexes, and so on no longer existed. One of these, Edgar Mitchell, was so moved by the ‘sense of universal connectedness’ that arose from his journey that, when he returned, he set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences to initiate research into consciousness and human potential.

Yet, with perhaps a few notable exceptions, every economic system that has ever existed in human history has been based on the assumption that we human beings are separate from each other and that in order to survive we must fight our fellow human beings for the precious resources of our beautiful planet Earth.

As many know today, this assumption is false. In Essence, our True Nature is Love within the Context of Consciousness, with no borders either within us or between us. What appears to be separation is nothing but an illusion, called maya in the East. In Reality, we are Wholeness, Oneness, Stillness, and the Truth, just a few capitalized words that denote the Absolute.

It is theoretically possible for the Paragonian Business Academy to turn these spiritual and holistic principles into meaningful information systems. For the business modelling methods that information systems architects used to build the Internet could be used to create the infrastructure of the Sharing Economy.

But for this to happen, integral relational logic (IRL), which has evolved from these business modelling methods, would need to be accepted as the gnostic foundation and metaphysical framework for the unified relationships theory (URT), the solution to the ultimate problem in science.

For nothing less than a thoroughly researched scientific revolution, comparable to those introduced by Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein will be sufficient to get the ruling authorities to listen to us. Even then they may not do so because they are too afraid of making the changes that are essential if the children born in this millennium are to have any chance of growing old enough to have children of their own.

But if all four living organisms that form the Paragonian Foundation could speak with one voice, maybe there is still a slight chance of building what Wink Franklin, the late president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, called the Global Wisdom Society, based on Wholeness and the Truth, Love and Peace, Life and Freedom, Consciousness and Intelligence, and Stillness and Emptiness.


Who are we? Humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things.
Business is the dominant institution in society today and the one most capable of responding to rapid change. As such, business must adopt a new tradition of responsibility for the whole.
Willis Harman

Cofounder, World Business Academy