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Today, many of the evolutionary pioneers seeking to change the direction that evolution has been following for the past few thousand years meet regularly in conferences, teleseminars, and other such gatherings. To get a feeling of the psychospiritual dynamics of these encounters, here a few of them.

If you know of any other similar gatherings, do please send links to them to ‘wholeness at paragonian dot org’.

Title Organizer Place Date
Sages and Scientists Symposium Chopra Foundation Carlsbad, California 25-27 Feb 2011
The Nature of Dreams: On the Threshold of Other Realities Mystics and Scientists, Scientific and Medical Network Winchester, England 15-17 Apr 2011
Consciousness: Ultimate Reality, Deepak Chopra workshop Center for Consciousness Studies, Arizona University Stockholm 2 May 2011
Toward a Science of Consciousness Center for Consciousness Studies, Arizona University Stockholm 3-7 May 2011
Light, Vision and Consciousness Society for Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) Westminster, Colorado 24-27 Jun 2011
Creativity and Ways of Knowing in Science, Art and Spirituality Scientific and Medical Network (members only) Hampshire, England 8-10 Jul 2011
Tools and Technologies for a World Transforming Institute of Noetic Sciences San Francisco 20-24 Jul 2011
Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness and their Role in Human Culture: Bridging the Differences European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) Varna, Bulgaria 21-25 Sep 2011
SAND logo Neti Neti Media San Rafael, California 19-23 Oct 2011
Breakthroughs in Future Science and Spiritual Consciousness Pythagoras Conference Louisville, Kentucky 16-18 Dec 2011