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The most striking characteristic of Homo divinus analyticus is that exemplars of this subspecies tend to deny what it truly means to be a self-reflective human being, that they are members of the psychospiritual species Homo divinus.

We can see most easily why this is so from the teachings of the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which all assert that there is a deep split between humanity and the Divine that can never be healed.

As a corollary, scientists, focusing attention on just the superficial, materialistic aspect of the Universe, have so far been unable to include the Cosmic Psyche or the Absolute—Ultimate Reality and the Supreme Being—in their arcane mathematical models.

Yet, it is Homo divinus analyticus that dominates all human societies today, laying down the educational curricula for schools and universities and the economic laws that guide our daily lives. So Western civilization is living in almost total delusion, as far removed from Reality as it is possible to be. Such a distorted worldview is now encroaching into the East, where traditional mystical ways of life, such as Advaita, Zen, and Taoism, as yet have very little influence.

Nevertheless, there are some signs of change in the emergence and expansion of Homo divinus divinus, if not yet of Homo divinus universalis. The key point here is that Homo divinus analyticus, Homo divinus divinus, and Homo divinus universalis live in quite different worlds, having great difficulty in communicating with each other.

The analogy in the biosphere is three species that cannot produce offspring because their DNA language is so different. So whether or not Homo divinus analyticus will be able to evolve into Homo divinus divinus or Homo divinus universalis before Homo sapiens sapiens becomes extinct is far from clear.


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