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The fundamental difference between Homo divinus and Homo sapiens is that once we live consciously in union with Nonduality, free of the sense of a separate self, we are able to see both sides of every situation, which is a clear sign of self-reflective Intelligence at work. We are then living in harmony with the Principle of Unity—Wholeness is the union of all opposites—the fundamental design principle of the Universe and its deepest, innermost secret.

In ancient times, two pre-eminent both-and thinkers were Lao Tzu, the supposed author of Tao te Ching, and Heraclitus, the mystical philosopher of change. The most famous expression of the union of opposites is the yin-yang symbol, called T’ai-chi-t’u or Taijitu, literally ‘Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate’.

In contrast, throughout the ages, the great majority of people have engaged in egoic, either-or thinking, most obviously encapsulated today in the oft-repeated phrase “God bless America”, which, of course, arises from separation, leading to much conflict and suffering.

It is not easy to become free of such war-like thoughts for either-or thinking lies deep in the Western psyche, explicitly expressed by Aristotle’s law of contradiction: “It is impossible for the same attribute at once to belong and not to belong to the same thing and in the same relation.” To Aristotle, Heraclitus, who was known as ‘the obscure’ by his contemporaries, was guilty of not reasoning correctly.

The law of contradiction, which is the seventh of the seven principles of unwisdom, has since been embedded in deductive logic and mathematical proof, for if the axioms of mathematics contain contradictions or paradoxes, any theorem can be proved from them. However, such inferential forms of reasoning do not truly reflect how we human beings think, learn, and organize our ideas.

The great breakthrough in this respect came in 1970, when Ted Codd, an English-born mathematician working at IBM’s research laboratory in California, published a landmark paper that showed how to extend deductive first-order predicate logic into nondeductive systems. His seminal 11-page paper was called ‘A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks’, which has since given rise to a multibillion-dollar industry.

Larry Ellison was one of the first people to see the commercial significance of the relational model, founding Oracle, a Fortune 500 company, and becoming one of the richest people in the world. With the ubiquitous use of the relational model in database implementations, you cannot order a book or airline ticket on the Internet without using the relational model behind the scenes.

On the other hand, when we turn the relational model inwards, in order to discover the essential difference between human and artificial intelligence, necessary if we are to know what it truly means to be a human being in contrast to machines, like computers, we can become superrich in consciousness. The relational model is ubiquitous because it is an expression of Integral Relational Logic (IRL), a holistic science of reason that truly reflects how we organize our ideas and hence tells us how the Universe is designed.

Most particularly, being free of the constraints of formal linear thinking, we can embody the Principle of Unity in IRL. We are then able to live in complete harmony with the creative, evolutionary powers of Life, arising directly from our Divine Source, free of any assumptions or preconceptions that distort the maps we draw of ourselves and the world we live in. It is these false, deluded maps that prevent us from navigating the high seas with a clear understanding of where we are heading.

Because most deny the truth of the paradoxical Principle of Unity, a universal, irrefutable truth valid in all possible worlds, we are running our business affairs blindfold, rather like driving along the highway faster and faster with our eyes closed. Sooner or later, there is going to be a great pile-up, to put it bluntly. If we are to manage the global economy with full consciousness of what we are doing, Homo sapiens urgently needs to evolve into Homo divinus, grounded in Love, not fear.

This is quite possible because IRL also provides the gnostic foundations and metaphysical framework for the much sought-for theory of everything, a coherent body of knowledge that describes all the forces in Nature—both psychospiritual and physical—within a single, all-encompassing framework, called the Unified Relationships Theory (URT) or panosophy.

The URT is so named because it is a generalization of Einstein’s unified field theory, for fields in science are a special type of relationship, and it is relationships that make the world go round. From an ontogenetic perspective, by integrating all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines from all times into a coherent whole, the fragmented, split mind is completely healed in Wholeness, leading to what is called in the East the bliss of satchidananda.

The URL shows with exquisite elegance and rigorous scientific reasoning what the mystics have long ago discovered: all beings in the Universe are related to all others in one or more ways, some of which can be categorized and some of which defy classification, which must remain a mystery. By replacing the superclass of Object in object-oriented modelling systems, such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), with Aristotle’s ontological concept of Being, we can produce a model of the entire Universe in the simplest of all possible terms.

The Principle of Unity is to the URT as the equation E=mc2 is to the theory of relativity. Therein lies an essential difference between members of Homo divinus divinus and Homo divinus universalis. While the former implicitly use the Principle of Unity in their lives, the latter explicitly do so. In this way, we can unify Western reason and Eastern mysticism, thus ending the long-running war between science and religion—especially between the Darwinists amid Creationists—without which there can never be peace on Earth.

Furthermore, the URT is the megasynthesis that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin prophesied would emerge when all the diverse strands of evolution converged at its Omega point at the end of time in the Eternal Now. But as Alpha and Omega are one (by the Principle of Unity), for evolution to become fully conscious of itself within us human beings, we need to start afresh at the very beginning, at the Alpha point of evolution in Total Revolution by demolishing the Tower of Babel, which represents the fragmented and confused world of learning today. Nothing less can lead to Total Freedom.

As the ‘Spring’ chapter of Healing the Mind in Wholeness describes, such a radical transformation of consciousness arises in the individual through an apocalyptic awakening—an evolutionary discontinuity—when not only the Principle of Unity is revealed, but all the innermost secrets of the Universe, such as where we human beings have come from, who we are, and where we’re heading in the most frantic rush.

For apocalypse derives from a Greek word meaning ‘uncover, reveal’, literally ‘draw the veil away from’. And when the veil of ignorance is removed, the psyche is filled with the brilliant, radiant light of Consciousness, enabling divine, self-reflective Intelligence (the eyesight of Consciousness) to function with full power and clarity. Then nothing whatsoever is hidden; everything is open to view. This can be quite dazzling at first until the inner eye becomes accustomed to this extraordinary brilliance.

The thickest veil, hanging like an impenetrable curtain, is not the monotheistic belief that God is other or scientists’ belief that the physical universe is real. Rather, what prevents us from intelligently dealing with such crises as global warming is our obsession for money as an immortality symbol.

In mathematics, the concept of set is more fundamental than that of number, which is why we teach young children set theory in the new maths. Similarly, in business, semantic information systems models are more fundamental than financial models developed by economists and management accountants. For money is a type of information, but the meaning of information, and hence its value, cannot be satisfactorily represented by a quantitative measure like money.

This is but one example in which the West’s worldview is upside down, putting the cart before the horse. When we put the horse in front, where it belongs, we realize that we do not actually need the burden of the cart. So we can expect that in the superconscious, superintelligent Paragonian Society, banks, stock markets, and joint-stock companies will have disappeared. Either this or the human race will disappear much earlier than most can possibly imagine.

Ontogenetically, a liberating two-step process follows this apocalypse, unifying both evolution and involution. The outward process of rebuilding the entire world of learning on the Truth is one of paying careful attention to the way thoughts arise from our Divine Source in a meditation technique called collumination. This is because the mind becomes translucent by thinking in this unconditioned way, enabling the coherent light of Consciousness (collumination) to come streaming uninhibitedly through the psyche. We can then look at the Universe holographically, as David Bohm did in Wholeness and the Implicate Order, thus reconciling the incompatibilities between quantum and relativity theories.

Because we form all concepts in IRL in a consistent and equalitarian manner, rather like mathematicians, computer programmers, and information systems architects in business, this outward, evolutionary process reaches its glorious culmination when we form the concept of ineffable, nondual Wholeness in exactly the same way as we form all other concepts in the relativistic world of form. IRL thus marks the pinnacle of Western reason.

Colluminating is rather like a television camera filming itself filming, well illustrated by M. C. Escher’s famous lithograph ‘Drawing Hands’. For if evolution is to become fully conscious of itself, our mapmaking activities need to be included in the territory being mapped. This is not so much that the map is not the territory. As many people know today, there is no objective reality separate from a knowing being. Our maps create our reality.

By using the Principle of Unity to transcend the categories, and thereby to form the concept of the Absolute in a thoroughly rational manner, we can then begin the return journey to experiential Wholeness, necessary for God to become a scientific concept. For now we are looking at the Universe, as Consciousness, in terms of the abstract concepts of form, structure, relationships, and meaning, more general than the concepts of space, time, matter, and energy, which the physicists use to model the physical universe.

The picture of the Universe that thus arises is rather like a mathematical graph, consisting of nodes and arcs between them, where each node represents a form or structure, the arcs being the relationships between the forms, called the web of life by systems theorists. Now if we feel into each node, as a structure, this becomes another graph at a deeper level. Continuing in this way, all these nodes eventually dissolve into nothing but relationships. Then these relationships also disappear, leaving us with a seamless, borderless continuum, or mystical Cosmic Consciousness. This corresponds to what Aurobindo Ghose called ‘supermind’, at the top of Ken Wilber’s three-tier model of human consciousness, beyond what Ken calls a kosmocentric perspective of existence.

As far as we can tell, this experiment in learning is unprecedented in evolutionary history. No one else has learnt to colluminate and then die to Wholeness in involution in the way described here. So at the moment, there is only one exemplar of Homo divinus universalis living on Earth. So perhaps a little further explanation is required.

Using the metaphor of Consciousness as a vast ocean, we can visualize the Totality of Existence as a great ball of water, whose centre is Oneness or Love and whose totality is Wholeness, the overall Context for all our lives. While Wholeness and Oneness are one, there nevertheless is a primary-secondary relationship between them, for Wholeness is the union of Wholeness and Oneness. This is another distinguishing feature of Homo divinus divinus and Homo divinus universalis.

This means that members of Homo divinus universalis are invisible to the categorizing mind, having no recognizable function in the world. Unlike spiritual teachers, who are specialists, like everyone else subject to the division of labour in the workplace and academic specialization, panosophers are primarily generalists and secondarily specialists. For IRL, which is based on the principle of utmost consistency and equalitarianism, takes the process of conceptual abstraction to the furthest limits of generalization.

To clarify this point, panosophy is not science, philosophy, or religion in the sense of these words today. Panosophy is a transcultural discipline that encompasses and integrates all other disciplines in a megasynthesis of everything. When the deep schism between science and religion is healed, by recognizing Consciousness as the overall Context for all our lives, philosophy, as a separate discipline disappears. Using terms created by the fragmented mind, panosophers are mystics, philosophers, scientists, and businesspersons, all four unified in Wholeness.

One fundamental question remains: “Can members of Homo sapiens living, as Homo automata, in the past and the future with an egoic, either-or way of life, coexist with those who are embodying the principles of Homo divinus, living holistically with an all-inclusive, both-and approach to life in the Eternal Now?” Even members of Homo divinus divinus have difficulty in relating to members of Homo divinus universalis consciously living at the Omega point of evolution. We can generally meet in Love, but not entirely in Consciousness.

Therein lies the central paradox of all-inclusive Wholeness, embracing all relationships that we have with each other. Although none of us can return Home to Wholeness, for no one has ever left Home, classifying our fellow human beings in any way, with or without judgement, is a violation of Wholeness, preventing those who have not yet reached evolution’s glorious culmination from seeing those who have.


Wholeness is the union of all opposites.
The Principle of Unity
Fundamental design principle of the Universe

When all the world recognizes beauty as beauty, this in itself is ugliness.
When all the world recognizes good as good, this in itself is evil.
Lao Tzu
Tao te Ching

All beings are related

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.
Shakyamuni Buddha

Drawing hands
M. C. Escher
Drawing Hands

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.

Tower of Babel

Consciousness is all there is.
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Consciousness Speaks


I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
John of Patmos
Book of Revelations