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Of all the wars in the world today, there is one whose resolution could help make peace possible in all the others: the war between science and religion that has been raging for hundreds of years. For instance, the war between Western civilization and the terrorists will not come to an end while there is a war going on at the very heart of the culture that dominates the world today through the ferociously competitive global economy.

Now conflicts in our external world are simply projections of inner conflict. So World Peace is dependent on us healing our fragmented, split minds in Wholeness, the union of all opposites, not just of reason and spirituality. In particular, to end the war between science and religion, it is necessary to solve the ultimate problem of science: to develop a coherent body of knowledge that describes all the forces in Nature—both physical and psychospiritual—within a single, all-encompassing framework.

The primary purpose of this website is to publish a book that shows how we can develop such a synthesis of everything, and so bring Love and Peace to Earth. The book is called Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites. It is divided into two parts called ‘Integral Relational Logic’ and ‘The Unified Relationships Theory’.

Integral Relational Logic (IRL) is a holistic, nonaxiomatic science of reason that truly describes how we think, learn, and organize our ideas, unlike deductive logic and mathematical proof, which we have inherited from Aristotle and Euclid, respectively. IRL has evolved from the business modelling methods that information systems architects used to build the Internet. As IRL takes the process of conceptual abstraction that we use to create concepts such as human being, mammal, and animal to its utmost level of generality, it has the power to integrate all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines at all times into a coherent whole.

This much sought-for theory of everything is the unified relationships theory (URT), a generalization of Albert Einstein’s unified field theory, because relationships, whether they be physical or nonphysical, are just a special type of field. The URT is also a generalization of David Bohm’s theory of the implicate order, which unified the incompatibilities between quantum and relativity theories.

The URT is a vital science that recognizes the role that Life arising directly from our Divine Source plays in our creative activities, unlike materialistic and mechanistic science, which denies the existence of Life. This book thus describes the innermost secrets of the Universe, viewed as Consciousness, previously revealed only to mystics. These insights enable us to create a unified theory of evolution that explains the origin of the Universe, how it is designed, and our ultimate destiny as a species, thus ending the war between Darwinism and Creationism.

This understanding is essential if we are to manage our business affairs with full intelligence and consciousness of what we are doing. For today, we are running the global economy having little understanding of the evolutionary energies that cause us to behave as we do. This is rather like driving along the highway faster and faster with our eyes closed, a very dangerous activity.

As it is very difficult to foresee what will happen following the collapse of the global economy at the beginning of the next decade, a potential Part III on the Peaceful Society has been simplified into an Epilogue, giving us a peek into what might happen at the end of time.


In a time when the survival of the human race is in question, continuing with the status quo is to cooperate with insanity, to contribute to chaos.
Spirituality and Social Action
Vimala Thakar

Love is the sea of not-being and there the intellect drowns.