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This page contains a list of organizations and their leaders seeking to develop a coherent worldview that unifies our inner and outer worlds, transcending the materialism and mechanism of modern science and economics. What is missing from all their programmes is a research project investigating the root cause of why scientists and technologists are driving the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented, exponential rates of acceleration.

This is because we cannot understand what is happening to humanity today within the context of either modern science or of spiritual, wisdom traditions. For the challenges we face today are unprecedented in the entire fourteen billion years of evolution and so require an unprecedented solution. We can only get to where we are going as a species by starting afresh at the very beginning.

But when we have done this, as described on the pages of this website, all the questions that these organizations are asking can be answered and we could learn to live in love and peace, beyond conflict and suffering.

Organization Leaders
Institute of Noetic Sciences Marilyn Schlitz; Edgar Mitchell; Dean Radin; Cassandra Vieten; Peter Russell; Rupert Sheldrake
Scientific and Medical Network David Lorimer; Peter Fenwick; Chris Clarke
Science and Nonduality Conference (Neti Neti Media) Maurizio Benazzo; Ralitza Stoeva (Zaya)
Nondual Wisdom & Psychology Institute Carey Cloyd; Bob Cowart
Institute for Spirituality and Psychology Cassi Vieten
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Council of Sages: Jeanne Achterberg; Angeles Arrien; Emma Bragdon; Christina Grof; Stanislav Grof; Jean Houston; Huston Smith; Frances Vaughan; Roger Walsh. Christian von Bogdandy (CEO)
Association for Transpersonal Psychology Charles Tart; Noah Levine; Stanislav Grof; Rosemary Anderson; Judy Schavrien
International Transpersonal Association Stanislav Grof
European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) Ingo B. Jahrsetz; Les Lancaster; Roger Woolger; Bo Wikström
Integral Institute Ken Wilber
California Institute of Integral Studies Richard Tarnas
The Chopra Foundation Deepak Chopra
EnlightenNext Andrew Cohen
The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) Jacob Liberman; Beverly Rubik; Charles Tart; Denise Lewis Premschak (CEO)
Foundation for Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard
Alliance for a New Humanity Deepak Chopra
The Shift Network Stephen Dinan
Spirit in Form Sonia Barrett
Light of Consciousness Amar Jyoti
Science of Mind Ernest Holmes (1887-1960)