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The primary purpose of Project Heraclitus is to invoke the convergent powers of evolution to turn evolution’s divergent tendencies, which have predominated for the past fourteen billion years, into convergece.

For it is by evolution becoming fully conscious of itself in us human beings that we can realize our fullest potential as Divine, Cosmic beings, living in love, peace, and harmony with each other and our evironment, which ultimately is Consciousness.

The project is so named for three principal reasons:

  1. Heraclitus was the pre-eminent both-and thinker in ancient Greece, implicitly basing his mystical philosophy on the Principle of Unity, which he called ‘the hidden harmony’.
  2. His philosophy became manifest through the action of the Logos, the immanent rational principle that underlies the Cosmos, corresponding to Dharma and Tao in the East.
  3. Heraclitus was also the philosopher of change, recognizing with Shakyamuni Buddha that there is nothing permanent in the relativistic world of form.

A full description of the aims of Project Heraclitus in the context of evolution as a whole is available for download.


The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.

Although all things come to pass in accordance with the Logos, men seem to be quite without any experience of it.

You cannot step twice into the same river.