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The motto of Paragonian Publications is ‘Expressing Wholeness’, for as the Authentic Self of all of us is Wholeness, all any of us can do is express our True Nature as best we can, knowing that there is no other. In Reality, we are all one Being, simply depicted as the entire Ocean of Consciousness. Such an all-inclusive worldview is simply and concisely expressed on the introductory page ‘Wholeness Speaks’.

However, as evolution is the outward movement from Ineffable, Nondual Wholeness, we can also see ourselves as individual waves and currents on and in this vast Ocean—not separate from it for an instant—apparently communicating with each other across space and time. So to help ‘others’ to return Home to Wholeness, what we can do, rather like Shakyamuni Buddha, is to use words as “a raft used to cross to the other shore or a finger pointing to the moon”.

Our principal planned publication is Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, a scholarly work intended to complete the revolution in science taking place today. It is a long book because the Western world of learning is so fragmented and so far from Reality that there is so much to correct if our childen and grandchildren are to understand what is happening to them at these times of unprecedented rates of evolutionary acceleration.

Wholeness consists of three deeply cross-referenced volumes, which could perhaps be published as one. These three volumes are titled: Integral Relational Logic: Liberating Intelligence from Its Mechanistic Conditioning, The Unified Relationships Theory: Healing the Fragmented Mind in Cosmic Consciousness, and Our Evolutionary Story: Awakening to Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny.

The Paragonian Manifesto, published in 2004, provides an introduction to these books, although it has been superceded to a great extent with several articles, essays, papers, and treatises on the articles page, ranging from one to two hundred pages. An unpublished autobiography, written in 2002, describes the life experience on which these books are based.

Here is a complete list of published and planned books:

Title ISBN
The Paragonian Manifesto 91-975176-0-7
Wholeness 91-975176-1-5
Integral Relational Logic 91-975176-2-3
The Unified Relationships Theory 91-975176-3-1
Our Evolutionary Story 91-975176-4-X
Healing the Mind in Wholeness 91-975176-5-8



Who are we? Humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things.
The fundamental design principle of the Universe is the self-verifying universal truth: Wholeness is the union of all opposites.
Paul Hague