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As evolution become increasingly conscious of itself, a multitude of individuals are experiencing Spirit arising within them, giving rise to a great awakening of Love, Consciousness, and Intelligence. Some are moved to express their experiences in writing. Here is a very short selection of these authors and the publishing houses and magazines that are helping to disseminate their wisdom.

The categories on this page are Publishing houses, Magazines, and Authors. Those sites more closely related to the Paragonian Foundation, Paragonian Fellowship, University, and Business Academy are listed in the relevant sections.

Publishing houses

As the Paragonian Society emerges in Consciousness as Western civilization dies, many publishing houses are publishing books on our rapidly changing world. Here is a short selection.

Floris Books, based in Edinburgh, publishes books on a number of different subjects, including Religion and Spirituality, Mind, Body, and Spirit, Organics, Child Health and Development, and Steiner Education.

O Books publishes around 6 titles a month, with over 250 titles in print. Our main aim is to publish books on the spiritual search, exploring world religions and different traditions in some depth and make them accessible to a general readership. The “O Books” name was chosen because “O” is a symbol of the world, of oneness and unity. Giotto treated it as a symbol of perfection. In different cultures it also means the “eye”, symbolising knowledge and insight, and in Old English it means “place of love or home.”

Founded in 1986, following a suggestion by Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax Press is the publishing division of Unified Buddhist Church, Inc., dedicated to publishing books and tapes on socially engaged Buddhism. In addition to titles by Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax has published books by Robert Aitken, Stephen Batchelor, Maha Ghosananda, Sister Chan Khong, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Joanna Macy, Sulak Sivaraksa, Mitsu Suzuki, Ko-Un, and other important leaders of socially engaged Buddhism.

Quest Books is the imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Theosophical Society in America. Since 1965, Quest has sold over 4 million books by leading cultural thinkers on such increasingly popular subjects as transpersonal psychology, comparative religion, deep ecology, spiritual growth, the development of creativity, and alternative health practices.

Shambhala specializes in books that present creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual, the society, and the planet. The notion of translating spiritual insight into action in the world is embodied in the company’s name: ‘Shambhala’ is a legendary Central Asian kingdom that symbolizes an enlightened way of life harmonizing the inner and outer worlds. Thus, the Shambhala worldview enables us to publish in a wide variety of subject areas, including psychology and the sciences, the arts and creativity, business and economics, and health and healing.


With our grievously sick society causing severe psychological, ecological, and economic damage, there is a crying need for a remedies for our malaise. Here is a short selection of magazines answering this call, promoting an alternative worldview and healthier lifestyle.

Caduceus is the health and healing magazine for the 21st century. It opens the door between healing, ecology, science and spirituality — exploring holistic medicine, spiritual evolution, environmental issues and personal growth. Caduceus gives a voice to the community of healers, seekers and 'world workers'. Described as 'a beacon of inspiration and information', it investigates critical issues ahead of mainstream media, searches out pioneers who are lighting the way for humanity, honours those who serve, and keeps readers up to date with developments worldwide.

Caduceus' logo is the symbol of the staff and twining serpents which symbolizes transformation and evolution. Found in many cultures and ages across the world, in the West it is used by most scientific and natural healing professions, and might represent a bridge between them. What does it mean? The eternal play of opposites, such as light and dark, masculine and feminine, activity and receptivity. Their interaction creates a spiraling process of transformation, into clarity, essence and realization, until a state is born beyond duality. At one level this play can be seen operating as sexuality, at another as political process, at another as the emerging of consciousness beyond polarity, time and space, when the divine awakens in the human heart.

Interreligious Insight is a journal of dialogue and engagement, published by three interfaith groups: World Congress of Faiths, Common Ground, and Interreligious Engagement Project. It aims to transcend narrow interests by providing a platform for reflecting with passion on many of the critical issues facing our world. The journal has been founded because the religions have long been accustomed to thinking of themselves as self-sufficient, each tradition happily supplying its own separate vision of sacred truth. That era has now passed. It is the space between convictions that commands more and more of our attention. Maintained separately, the religions generate particular insights and wisdom, some having been shaped by long histories of cherished memory and some springing from more recent history. Yet in a world where the religions jostle together, often clash and sometimes cooperate, we are learning that the space between convictions is also a space with its own challenging insight.

The Journal of Consciousness Studies, whose motto is ‘controversies in science & the humanities’, is a peer-reviewed journal addressing these three key questions in fields as diverse as cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy:

  • How does the mind relate to the brain?
  • Can computers ever be conscious?
  • What do we mean by subjectivity and the self?

Kindred Spirit publishes articles and provides information that will inspire and educate readers so that their lives may be enhanced through a holistic vision of timeless wisdom, understanding and beauty. It is the UK's leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit and was founded in 1987 by Richard Beaumont and Patricia Yates, following the inspiration of 'The Harmonic Convergence' in which thousands of spiritual seekers gathered at sacred sites throughout the world. Seeing so many different people and spiritual paths, yet sensing a common direction of deep respect for natural wisdom and a yearning for higher truth, Patricia and Richard created Kindred Spirit to offer a platform to serve such wisdom and higher truths.

Every two months, the International Futures Forum publishes Omnipedia an electronic journal/ review, which is for anyone in business, government or society striving to take effective action in the modern world; anyone who cares about the future and wants to keep up with latest thinking and practice for adapting to today’s challenging environment.
Resurgence is the leading international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking, where you can explore the ideas of the great writers and thinkers of our time, both in print and on-line. Further links at Schumacher Circle.
ReVision is a peer-reviewed journal that emphasizes the transformative and consciousness-raising dimensions of current thought. ReVision provides readers with thought-provoking and ideology-challenging articles that feature dialogue between historically conflicting world views, intellectual and spiritual pursuits, and academic disciplines. Authors come from the fields of religion and spirituality, consciousness studies, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, ecology, science, and the arts. Often, articles in ReVision challenge the conventional wisdom that sets apart Western and Eastern; feminine and masculine; intellectual and spiritual; conservative and liberal; local and global; young and old.

The Archive of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences (T A S T E) is an online journal, edited by Charles T. Tart, devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiencees in a safe space, collects and shares them to debunk the stereotype that ‘real’ scientists do not have ‘spiritual’ or ‘mystical’ or ‘psychic’ experiences, builds a database of these experiences for future research, and helps us understand the full range of the human mind.

Founded in 1984 by Eric Utne, Utne Magazine reprints the best articles from over 2,000 alternative media sources bringing you the latest ideas and trends emerging in our culture... Provocative writing from diverse perspectives... Insightful analysis of art and media... Down-to- earth news and resources you can use... In-depth coverage of compelling people and issues that affect your life... The best of the alternative media.

What is Enlightenment? is dedicated to a revolution in human consciousness and human culture … We are in search of a radical new moral and philosophical architecture for twenty-first century society. We believe that finding this framework for transformation … is imperative, not only for the evolution of our species, but for our very survival.


Here is a short selection of authors who have contributed to the development of panosophy in various ways and/or are having a profound influence in the world today. Please check the bibliography for a recommended book list for those wishing to integrate all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines into a coherent whole.

Physicist and author of The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World (1993), which showed that the strange phenomena of quantum physics can only be fully understood when we regard Consciousness as the true foundation of all we know and perceive. As he said in What the Bleep Do We Know? this means that things are not things; there is no objective reality independent of a knowing being; everything in the Universe is a possibility of Consciousness, enabling evolution to give us the apparent choice to change our deluded sense of reality.

Bernard Lietaer has spent 25 years working in different areas of the money system. He worked on the creation of the single European currency and was named the world’s top currency trader by Business Week in 1989. He is the author of The Future of Money, in which he explores the opportunities for creating complementary community currrencies and other issues.

David Boyle is a writer and journalist, who writes mainly on new ideas about the environment, politics, economics and the future. He is perhaps best known for his splendidly named books The Tyranny of Numbers (2001) and Funny Money (1999).

“To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer the universe. I call it stillness, but it is a jewel with many facets: that stillness is also joy, and it is also love.” Author of The Power of Now and Stillness Speaks.

Ken Wilber is the author of over a dozen books, including Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Spectrum of Consciousness; Up from Eden; and Grace and Grit. The Spectrum of Consciousness, written when he was twenty-three years old, established him as perhaps the most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times. Credited with developing a unified field theory of consciousness—a synthesis and interpretation of the world's great psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions—Ken Wilber is the most cogent and penetrating voice in the recent emergence of a uniquely American wisdom.

Author of Waking up in Time: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change and The Gobal Brain Awakens: Our Next Evolutionary Leap, which show that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual development.

Biologist and author of A New Science of Life (1981), which introduced the hypothesis of formative causation, morphic resonance, and morphogenetic fields, a siginficant contribution to panosophy, the unified relationships theory. John Maddox, then the editor of the scientific journal Nature wrote "This infuriating tract … is the best candidate for burning there has been for many years." This hypothesis was further developed in The Presence of the Past (1988), showing that memory is inherent in nature. Most of the so-called laws of nature are more like habits [until we learn to be free of the past, at the Omega point of evolution]. Rupert has since developed the idea that the mind extends beyond the brain in The Sense of Being Stared At (2003).

A leading transpersonal psychologist exploring the outer reaches of human consciousness. Author of Beyond the Brain (1985) and The Holotropic Mind (1992). Also the originator of Holotropic Breathwork, a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world.

The name Holotropic means literally ‘moving toward wholeness’ (from the Greek holos ‘whole’ and trepein ‘moving in the direction of something’ [like heliotropic]). But holotropic can also mean ‘transforming the Whole’. For the Greek word trepo ‘I turn’, from which these words were derived, along with entropy, had two meanings, as in English: ‘to change direction’ (as in ‘turn into a side-road’), and ‘to change form’ (as in ‘turn into a frog’). So in order to return home to Wholeness, to our divine Source, we need to transform the Whole.

“Throughout my early life I felt that there was another possibility, which, once realised, would transform all and everything. One day that possibility became a reality, and it was simple and ordinary, magnificent and revolutionary. It is the open secret that reveals itself in every part of our lives. But realisation does not emerge through our attempts to change our lives, it comes as a direct rediscovery of who it is that lives.” Author of The Open Secret and As It Is.