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In July 2006, I was encouraged by some old and new friends to embark on a project that had been in the back of my mind for many years: to create a 13-part television series describing the evolutionary story that is common to us all, where we have all come from and where we are all heading at ever-increasing rates of evolutionary change. This page contains the executive summary for this proposal, whose latest draft you can download in pdf format (797K ).

This TV series has been inspired particularly by David Attenborough’s Life on Earth, broadcast by the BBC in 1979, taking a further evolutionary step along the line set by the popular movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Drawing on Arnold Toynbee’s 12–volume A Study of History, Our Evolutionary Story will show that Western civilization, which dominates the world today through the global economy, is rapidly dying, like the Roman Empire, which brought the Hellenic civilization to an end. This TV series will thus show that our individual behaviour patterns are part of a bigger evolutionary picture; none of us are absolutely autonomous beings who can determine how we behave independent of society as a whole. There is no one to blame or praise for the state of the world today; it is as it is because of the way that evolution has unfolded during the past fourteen billion years.

Our Evolutionary Story will be a life-affirming TV series intended to present this big picture, trusting that in doing so we can accelerate the emergence of the Peaceful Society, a new humanity living in love, peace, and harmony with itself and Nature. Recognizing that the critically urgent problems currently facing humanity are psychospiritual, the series will have three major goals:

  1. To stimulate the spiritual renaissance taking place around the world today, encouraging the populace to work lovingly and harmoniously together with a common vision, in accord with the synergistic, healing, and convergent tendencies of evolutionary processes.
  2. By inspiring those who are moved to self-inquiry, to complete the revolution in science that has been emerging during the past few decades, establishing Consciousness as the primary reality, not the physical universe, thus enabling evolution to become fully conscious of itself.
  3. By thus recognizing that we all one whole, not separate from God, Nature, or each other, to describe the fundamental principles of the Sharing Economy, which could emerge when the global economy self-destructs at the beginning of the next decade, as many visionaries can intuitively see today.

The draft document contains an overview of the evolutionary vision to be communicated in this series, followed by a synopsis of the thirteen episodes and a short description of my own evolutionary story. My plan now is to gather together a small core team of producers, directors, and specialists in their various fields to turn this synopsis into a script for the series. This will then give us the foundation and framework on which to build a business plan that we can present to potential financial supporters.

As this TV series is in complete harmony with the creative powers of evolution, let us trust that Life will give us the necessary funding for this ambitious project. For given the great global crisis we all face today, it is in no one’s interest to continue fighting each other for the precious resources of our beautiful planet Earth, including the finite money supply. As Western civilization is further removed from Reality than any other civilization in the history of human learning, let us trust that Life will soon dissolve the religious, scientific, and economic cultural conditioning that prevents us from realizing our fullest potential as loving, conscious, and intelligent human beings, from cocreating a fully awakened, liberated, healthy, and peaceful society.


Who are we? Humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things.
At the present time, the dysfunction of the old consciousness and the arising of the new are both accelerating. Paradoxically, things are getting worse and better at the same time, although the worse is more apparent because it makes so much “noise”.
Stillness Speaks
Eckhart Tolle