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This page contains links to the three volumes of Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, which you are welcome to download as pdf files. In August 2012, they were reformatted from A4 size to a large book size to make them easier to read with iBooks on an iPad. Because of the many figures, tables, and cross-references, it is not really practical to format them as free-flow e-books.

The latest edition was uploaded at the end of January 2013, following an intensive three months studying the archetectonic of Charles Sanders Peirce. The Prologue and Chapters 1 and 9 inidcate how Wholeness can complete both Peirce and David Bohm’s life’s work.

As the overall purpose of the Wholeness trilogy is to complete the revolution in science that is currently taking place, just as Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy completed the Copernican revolution in 1687, an alternative title for this potentially epoch-making book is Semantic Principles of Natural Philosophy. Some reflections on positioning this book in the history of ideas and the marketplace, written in March 2010, are available for download.

In brief, as Wholeness has become manifest in consciousness through the action of the Principle of Unity—the fundamental design principle of the Universe—Volume One on Integral Relational Logic: Liberating Intelligence from Its Mechanistic Conditioning marks the most fundamental change in Western thought since Plato, Aristotle, and Euclid laid down its foundations some 2,350 years ago. So viewed as a standalone document, Integral Relational Logic replaces Aristotle’s Organum and Descartes’ Discourse on Method, which laid down the foundations of Western reason and modern philosophy, respectively.

Having shown that Wholeness or Absolute Consciousness is Ultimate Reality, Volume Two, titled The Unified Relationships Theory, Healing the Fragmented Mind in Cosmic Consciousness, is the most revolutionary book in science since Newton completed the Copernican/Keplerian/Galilean revolution in 1687. For the URT explains what is causing scientists and technologists to drive the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented exponential rates of acceleration, an explanation that is not possible within the context and framework of materialistic, mechanistic science or monetary economic systems, such as capitalism and communism.

Hence, the Unified Relationships Theory is the grand unified theory of everything (GUT or TOE), long sought for by Einstein and his successors, but also much maligned in today’s postmodern society for the fragmented, specialist mind is vehemently opposed to the very idea of a grand narrative that can explain all human experience, from the mystical to the mundane. We are thus running our business affairs having little understanding of the creative evolutionary energies that cause us to behave as we do, putting the health, well-being, and even survival of our species in great danger.

Volume Three, titled Our Evolutionary Story: Awakening to Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny, puts more flesh on the Holistic Theory of Evolution outlined in Part II, describing human evolution from the primates to the Omega Point at the end of time in the overall context of evolution as a whole. Our Evolutionary Story thus marks the most revolutionary change in evolutionary theory since Darwin laid down its foundations in 1859 with The Origin of Species.

As Wholeness contains a synthesis of all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines at all times, it is rather long. If you are new to this work and even if not, an eight-page visionary essay written in January 2013 titled ‘The Awkening of Intelligence’ provides the best introduction to the entire treatise. For a more extended overview, please read the Prologue to Wholeness, contained in Volume One.

At present, the task of updating the content of the book with ideas explored in The Principle of Unity, written in the winter and spring of 2012, and The Singularity in Time, written in the autumn of 2011, is not quite complete. Chapter 6 remains to be reorganized.

After this, in the spring and summer of 2013, I plan to bring the last three chapters of our Our Evolutionary Story up to date. These are the most difficult to write as I am still working almost enirely in solitude. So, at present, it is not easy to say what might happen to us all collectively, as we enter the Age of Light. But maybe as this thirty-three year project nears completion, Life will show us all how we can return Home to Wholeness, recognizing that none of is separate from the Divine, Nature, or any other being for an instant.

Part/Chapter Name Page Date Size
  Covers, front and back   17 Aug 2012 483K
  Frontispiece i-viii 30 Jan 2013 83K
  Consolidated TOC & lists of figures & tables ix-xxi 30 Jan 2013 79K
Part I Integral Relational Logic 1-467 30 Jan 2013 8.2M
Part II The Unified Relationships Theory 469-750 30 Jan 2013 3.1M
Part III Our Evolutionary Story 751-1211 30 Jan 2013 7.7M
  Consolidated indexes 1213-1254 30 Jan 2013   232K