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This page contains links to Our Evolutionary Story: Awakening to Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny. This book is Volume Three of Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, describing how we could all return Home to Paradise before the death of Homo sapiens sapiens through convergent evolution and quietening involution, which is really a dying, dissolving process.

In brief, by focusing attention on noogenesis rather than biogenesis, this book describes how Homo sapiens sapiens entered Paradise some 25,000 years ago, was ejected from Paradise some 5,000 years ago, and how the divergent streams of evolution could now converge at its glorious culmination, its Omega Point, enabling us all to return Home to Paradise, realizing our fullest potential as Homo divinus universalis: Divine, Cosmic human beings.

The overall purpose of this book is thus to show how the divergent proclivities of evolution have led humanity into the perilous predicament we find ourselves in today and how we could tap into evolution’s convergent tendencies to carry us all to its glorious culmination, in what we might call Paradise. As you can see, Chapters 12 and 14 are still in a state of rough draft because it is still unclear to what extent humanity will be able to awaken to its ultimate destiny before capitalism self-destructs or even before Homo sapiens sapiens becomes extinct.

Part/Chapter Name Page Date Size
  Covers, front and back   17 Aug 2012 480K
  Frontispiece i-iv 30 Jan 2013 59K
  Table of Contents & lists of figures & tables v-xiv 30 Jan 2013 66K
Part III Our Evolutionary Story 751-760 30 Jan 2013 147K
Chapter 10 Entering Paradise 761-781 30 Jan 2013 743K
Chapter 11 The Evolution of the Mind 783-987 30 Jan 2013 4.1M
Chapter 12 The Crisis of the Mind (rough draft) 989-1025 30 Jan 2013 363K
Chapter 13 The Prospects for Humanity 1027-1129 30 Jan 2013 1.4M
Chapter 14 The Age of Light (rough draft) 1131-1147 30 Jan 2013   134K
  Epilogue: Living at the End Times 1149-1151 30 Jan 2013   178K
  Notes for Volume Three 1153-1211 30 Jan 2013   275K
  Indexes 1213-1233 30 Jan 2013   143K