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This page contains links to Integral Relational Logic: Liberating Intelligence from Its Mechanistic Conditioning. This is Volume One of Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, which can be read as a standalone document, for it has no precedents. It begins and ends at the Alpha and Omega points of evolution and involution.

A short tract titled ’Integral Relational Logic: The Universal System of Reason’, provides a compact overview of the entire thesis.

In summary, by generalizing the semantic and mathematical modelling methods of information systems architects in business, this book introduces the most radical change in Western thought since Plato, Aristotle, and Euclid laid down its foundations around 2,350 years ago. In essence, IRL transforms the linear, either-or approach of deductive logic and mathematical proof into a nonlinear, nonaxiomatic, both-and science of reason, thereby revealing Heraclitus’ Hidden Harmony: the Principle of Unity.

As a standalone document, Integral Relational Logic therefore corresponds most closely to Aristotle’s Organum, which laid down the foundations of the West’s either-or, linear mode of reasoning, and Descartes’ Discourse on Method, which similarly sought to integrate all knowledge into a coherent whole by starting afresh at the very beginning.

Essentially, IRL is an egalitarian, commonsensical science of thought and consciousness, which provides the Cosmic Context, coordinating framework, and Gnostic Foundation for the Unified Relationships Theory, contained in Volume Two, titled The Unified Relationships Theory, Healing the Fragmented Mind in Cosmic Consciousness.

As such, Part I provides more detail on this universal mapmaking technique than that described in ‘Mapping the Universe’, a 50-page overview of the entire synthesis written in April 2010.

IRL also completes the first step in Project Heraclitus, whose principal purpose is to complete the revolution is science taking place in the world today by ending the long-running war between science and religion. For unless we can end this war and all the wars between the organized religions, there will never be Peace and Harmony on Earth.

Part/Chapter Name Page Date Size
  Covers, front and back   24 Oct 2012 482K
  Frontispiece i-viii 30 Jan 2013 82K
  Table of Contents & lists of figures & tables xi-xx 30 Jan 2013 64K
  Prologue: Setting Out xxi-lxxxiii 30 Jan 2013   592K
Part I Integral Relational Logic 1-34 30 Jan 2013 811K
Chapter 1 Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning 35-175 30 Jan 2013 3.1M
Chapter 2 Building Relationships 177-221 30 Jan 2013 888K
Chapter 3 Unifying Opposites 223-242 30 Jan 2013 596K
Chapter 4 Transcending the Categories 243-286 30 Jan 2013 1.0M
  Glossary 287-363 30 Jan 2013   481K
  Notes for Volume One 365-397 30 Jan 2013   226K
  Bibliography 399-445 30 Jan 2013   481K
  Indexes 447-467 30 Jan 2013   142K