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This page contains links to The Unified Relationships Theory: Healing the Fragmented Mind in Cosmic Consciousness, which is Volume Two of Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites. The principal purpose of the URT is to provide a sound scientific explanation for why scientists and technologists are driving the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented, exponential rates of acceleration. This is done within the overall context of evolution as a whole, within a cosmology that recognizes Consciousness as Ultimate Reality, a mystical worldview established in the final chapter of Integral Relational Logic: An Egalitarian, Commonsensical Science of Thought and Consciousness.

In brief, by applying Integral Relational Logic as the Cosmic Context, coordinating framework, and Gnostic Foundation for the education system, this book shows how we can integrate all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines from all times into a coherent whole: the Philosophers’ Stone, Holy Grail, and Apotheosis of human learning. The Unified Relationships Theory thereby explains what is causing scientists and technologists to drive the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented rates of exponential acceleration.

There is comparatively little physical cosmology and quantum physics in this book, other than to show that the belief that the physical universe is the Universe has led Western civilization into an evolutionary cul-de-sac. This belief is the second of seven pillars of unwisdom on which religion, science, and business are based, because of the schizoid sense of separation that is pandemic today.

Why we find ourselves in this pretty perilous predicament and how evolution could extricate us from it is explored in some depth in Volume Three on Our Evolutionary Story: Awakening to Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny, still incomplete because the future is so uncertain.

Part/Chapter Name Page Date Size
  Covers, front and back   17 Aug 2012 671K
  Frontispiece i-iv 30 Jan 2013 57K
  Table of Contents & lists of figures & tables v-x 30 Jan 2013 57K
Part II The Unified Relationships Theory 469-481 30 Jan 2013 116K
Chapter 5 An Integral Science of Causality 483-519 30 Jan 2013 370K
Chapter 6 A Holistic Theory of Evolution 521-576 31 Mar 2013 943K
Chapter 7 The Growth of Structure 571-617 30 Jan 2013 421K
Chapter 8 Limits of Technology 619-641 30 Jan 2013 195K
Chapter 9 An Evolutionary Cul-de-Sac 643-698 30 Jan 2013 694K
  Notes for Volume Two 701-734 31 Mar 2013   227K
  Indexes 733-750 30 Jan 2013   103K